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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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On a hot, humid day a boy named Justin is sitting in his living room waiting for his mom to take him to his Grandmother’s house. He was tempted to emerge from the dark, gray house. Justin lives in Montana in a city named Folkland. His grandmother lives 2 blocks away. Once he gets there his grandmother says, “You can go play outside with a friend but not in the woods or else dangerous things will happen.” So Justin goes outside to play with his friend who lives in the same neighborhood. They are playing football when Justin’s friend, Jason, dares him to go into the woods. He is a little cautious at first but being a curious child Justin agrees.

Justin walks about 50 feet when he turns around and calls to his friend, “It’s safe to come in.” But as he says that the sky goes completely black during a full solar eclipse. The incredible sight captivated Justin. During the eclipse Jason stampedes into the woods in a hectic way after Justin. Jason is paralyzed when he finds out that he has just put his best friend and himself in a vital and perilous situation. Jason dark brown hair was beginning to sweat. The sun was finally unveiled and the sky was clear but gray. He realizes he’s not in Folkland. Jason looks at the expanse of trees in front of him. In a desperate need to get out of the woods Jason runs as fast as he can to an abandoned house.

Justin is scared out of his mind. Sweat is running down his forehead and his palms are beginning to sweat. As he’s assessing his situation his grandmother’s voice rings in his head. Justin is lucky to be the son of a veteran so he is hardy and has many survival skills. In the distance Justin sees and abandoned house. As nervous as a thirteen year old could be he runs full speed to the house. He stops at the doorstep of the house and slowly reaches for the doorbell.

Inside the house Jason is sitting on the kitchen floor crying hoping for someone to find him. Justin rings the doorbell and Jason runs to the back of the house to a dirty and smelly bedroom, he scurries under the bed to elude the person at the front door. Justin walks into the house he feels that he is not alone so he walks to the back of the house to the bathroom and hides in the bathtub.

As both were building up courage they emerged from their hiding spaces and walked into the mysterious hallway. They were walking backwards and made sudden movement to turn around and bumped into each other. They both squealed, “ Please don’t hurt me!” Justin stares at Jason with a ravenous look in his eyes hoping for a brawl. “This is all your fault!” Justin screamed. Then Justin throws a punch at Jason and he throws one back. Then Justin realizes they’re both in jeopardy and need each other to survive.

Justin says, “We need each other to survive.” “How are we going to survive in this unknown territory?” Jason said. They both go to the front door and look out into the woods. Jason spots a stream in the distance and exclaims to Justin, “Look there’s a stream in the distance!” They start walking towards the stream and they perpetually walked for an hour or two. They both start to realize that they are exhausted and need food. When they finally reach the stream Jason puts his head in the water and takes huge gulps of water. Justin realizes what Jason is doing and decides to do the same. They both open their eyes and in a split second they see a cloudy light at the bottom of the river. They both take their heads out of the water and ask each other if they saw the light.

“Yeah” Justin says. “How are we going to get down there?” “Swim, I guess” Jason says. “Okay let’s do it” Justin replies. As they prepare to swim to the bottom the eclipse is beginning again. “We better hurry. Three, two, one, go.” They swim as fast as they can to the bottom. Once there they find out that the light was a gleaming portal back to the regular world. As soon as they touch the portal they begin to transfer back to Folkland.

Back in Folkland Justin and Jason run straight back to Justin’s grandmother’s house and they try to explain what happened but Justin’s grandmother doesn’t understand but still remembers them. Jason decides to go back to his house and Justin does too. They make a promise to each other that they’ll never go back into the woods again. Also they make a promise to each other that they will never speak of it again.
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