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The things I know are that there are to know is they have culture, war, and peace. The culture for a lot of the countries are that they worship may Gods. The war part is the Trojan war was brutal and that the way troy fell was because of trickery. The trickery was the Trojan horse was filled with soldiers that opened the gates of Tory and it fell to the ground as ash. The peace part is that all the countries were separated so they had little conflict with land unless one wanted to rule more land.
We do a lot of things in Humanities, but right now we are working on the ancient Greece so we do a lot of activities in class. One of those activities is we do fates at the end of class where we determine what's going to happen to our city-state by rolling numbers on two pair of dice. Then we also keep track of points for the fates, warm ups, and work activities in class. We also read about Greece in our texts books. we usually do an activity on what we read for points. We right now we just finish the Greek alphabet by putting it to a familiar tune such as I did up on the roof top.
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