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Well I have to admit that I am a Greek Mythology fanatic, so I know a ton of Greek myths. One is about a child named Perseus. His father was Zeus and his mother was a Greek princess named Danae. Her son was foretold to kill her father so her father, The King, locked her in a tower. Zeus came in and had a child with her and turned her tower into a beauty field on the inside. The King then saw light coming from her window and went into to the tower and saw a child on her lap. He was furious so he put Danae and her son into a crate and set them off to sea. Only Perseus survived and he went off and killed a bunch of monsters and eventually ended up killing the King.

Now onto what’s new in Humanities. We all how special tables that are named after Greek city-states and my tables name is Corinth. We are currently in the lead as far as my knowledge. Each day we play a game named fates and each day until yesterday we had been losing points because we made the “gods” mad. We also played a game where we had to name a bunch of brands by their logo and it was a lot of fun.
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