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We are an intermediate classroom in an elementary school in British Columbia, Canada. We use our blogs as a place to practise expressing our ideas in writing (and maybe even sound, pictures & video when we're ready). We try to leave thoughtful comments for classmates & other bloggers we visit. Comments help us critique our ideas and our writing. They also motivate us to do more thinking, writing, sharing & revising. You can leave your thoughts on any particular article by clicking "comment" below it. Comments will be published after I have had a chance to read them.

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Terry Fox Cheyanne #12
The things that made terry’s marathon of hope successful were people working together to collect money, having family to support and encourage him and never giving up. Terry’s dream for his marathon was to raise one dollar for every Canadian and even though he was unable to achieve this goal during the marathon he has raised much more than that as part of his legacy.
For people to be successful they need to find an important cause or goal, work very hard and be a good communicator. However, the most important part of being successful is to have people supporting you.
Throughout the marathon terry received support from many people. The support he received was not only financial but more importantly getting help from people around him. He had many volunteers, family and friends who believed in him and his dream
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You really described what Terry did, but you still need to work on punctuation.
Posted April 11, 2012 at 03:23 PM by • Carlo
Posted April 11, 2012 at 03:23 PM by • Carlo

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