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OB: King Tut came back from the dead and is going to answer a few of my questions. He is well known and if someone had to name a pharaoh they probably would say King Tut. So let's get started.

KT: Ask away. I am pleased to be here. It's very tight in my coffin.

OB: How old were you when you became pharaoh and how long did you rule?

KT: I started ruling at age 7.  The total years I ruled were only 12 years because I died at the young age of 19.  Even though I was pharaoh for a short time, I am more famous than other pharaoh's who ruled much longer.

OB: How big was your family?

KT: Including me, there were five of us.  My mom's name was Kiya and my dad was named Akhenaten. I also had two brothers who were my only friends because being a pharaoh I could not have any others.

OB: Why are you so famous?

KT: I am famous because of all the treasure that was discovered in my tomb. Once my tomb was robbed right after I died, but the stolen items were replaced.  My tomb was in excellent condition when it was found over 3000 years after I died!

OB: When did you die? Why are people saying you were murdered?

KT: I died in mid-January, 1343 B.C. I think I was murdered because someone smashed my head in and it hurt alot.  Since I was a pharoah, not alot of people got too close to  me except important people so I think I knew my murderer.

OB: You said your tomb went undiscovered for over 3,000 years.  Who finally found it and how?

KT: My tomb was found by Howard Carter and Lord Carnarvon in 1922. Lord Carnarvon was rich and so he bought the right to dig in the Valley of the Kings. They worked really hard looking for my tomb for five years.  They were getting really depressed and almost ready to give up when they finally found the stairs to led to my tomb's entrance.

OB: Some people died after being in your tomb.  Did you put a curse on anyone who entered it?

KT: No, I did not put a curse on people who entered my tomb.  The cause of their death has a scientific explanation.  Before my tomb was sealed, food was placed in it.  The bacteria in my tomb when it was sealed fed on the food and let a toxic gas in my tomb. When the workers entered my tomb, this got in their in their lungs and killed them.

OB: Thank you for coming and answering these questions. I really appreciated it. I learned a lot about your life.

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