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Ben Franklins Big Ideas
By: Chante H.
Ben Franklin had some big ideas that would change the world. I am going to tell you only a few of them. I think you will enjoy this essay that I am writing. If you seemed persuaded enough then keep on reading.

Did you know that Ben Franklin published his 1st edition of the almanac in 1733? Ben Franklin created the almanac and he named it “Poor Richards Almanac” and he put the weather, how to book, when the sun rises and when the sun sets. In a few years Ben Franklin was selling 10,000 copies of an almanac every year. He kept it up. By the time he was 40 and he had the big idea. By then he had 2 children. Their names were William Temple who was 17, and Sarah who was 2. (He had a 3rd child named Francis but he had died when he was only 4 years old.)

The big idea had something to do with electricity. Ben Franklin wanted to prove that electricity and lightning were the same. He tried killing a turkey with electricity instead he almost killed himself. He learned the difference from electricity and things. That is what I have learned about Ben Franklin and his big ideas.

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