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This is a great place for us to work on our writing and thinking skills! Make sure you are doing work that you can be proud of and that it represents your intelligence!

by teacher: Leah Berkman
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Toliver's Secret

             In Toliver's Secret, Ellen Toliver finds out about a secret message that is baked into a loaf of bread.  Ellen is trusted to get the loaf of bread to Jolly Fox Tavern in Elisabeth Town.  On Ellen's way to Elisabeth Town she endures many obstacles.  Ellen Toliver misses the fishing boat and is thrown on a boat filled with british soldiers.  Dow, a british soldier, tries to eat the bread for he hasn't had something sinceable to eat fo a long time.  The second obstacle is she is sent to the wrong town.  Ellen finds out she is sent to Amboy and not Elisabeth Town.  Third, Ellen runs/ walks thirteen miles to Eisabeth Town, but encounters a stranger.  Mr. Murdock, a man on a horse carring baskets frightens Ellen into a bush.  Murdock rides Ellen to his house for supper.  On the way, Ellen drops Mr. Murdock's baskets and the loaf of bread into a river.  Her clothes get soaked so when they get to his house, Mistress Murdock tries to take off Ellen's pants to dry and right before she does Ellen runs away.  Ellen runs a few miles and gets to Elisabeth Town.  But, her journey is not over.  She asks a blacksmith where the Jolly Fox Tavern is and he does not tell her.  For the blacksmith thinks she is a thief.  So Ellen runs some more and hears laghter.  Then, some men walk away from the Jolly Fox Tavern!  Ellen asks a women with a flag in her hair in Jolly Fox Tavern if Mr. Shannon is here. It turns out the lady's name was Mrs. Shannon.  But too bad Mr. Shannon was sent to the woods for some more ale.  Ellen was told that his trip will be two days. .......................To Be Continued.


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My name is tye and i like to hang out with my friends. I really really love to read. Whenever I have free time I read! My favorite color is lime green and my favorite movie and book is the Hunger Games. Thats all!

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