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It was the night before I went to Finland. I was at my house packing. It was December 16, 2010. Logan, Connor, Dylan, my dad, and I we’re all going to Finland. Tomorrow came. We all had to get up early in the morning so we wouldn’t miss our plane. I threw up in the bathroom after the plane landed. But I always got plane sick.

On the 17th we were in Helsinki, Finland. We took days building this. There was at least 3ft of snow! They had a garage we used to make a track. The track went from the garage roof to the ground. It was the 20th when we drove to Jupijokie (A town in Finland). It was three hours of boredness. But our family was there and it was worth it. Our aunt, cousins, my godfather and mother were all there. After we all saw each other. We got a Christmas tree, then we put up decorations.

On Christmas Eve Santa walks through the door. It’s a tradition they do in Finland. It was fun! I got almost everything I wanted. So we built a snow tunnel and it took us till the 28th to build it. It was huge. The grown ups could crawl through it! It took me and Logan days to build it. But we did it!

It was the 29th so we drove to Helsinki again and then we took a plane back to Seattle. There was still some more presents in Seattle for us. My favorite gift we all had to share was a kitten!! She is a tuxedo cat. We named her Kelly Kitty. She will hide in bags and we pick her up. She would peek her head out and play with her toys.

It was the best Christmas break ever!
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