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by teacher: Leah Berkman
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In the book The Keeping Room a boy named Joey Kershawis sad to see his father go make peace with the British. Joey and his family live in Camden, South Carolina, it's a small town and Joey's dad is the mayor. So when Joey's dad goes away Joey is the person to take charge and Joey is really scared. Joey is only thirteen years oldand he isn't very self- confdent. So later Joey goes home and studies with his teacher, Euven, Joey thinks Euven should do something else besides teach because Euven is very muscular and a lot of other things, but Euven is Quaker so he doesn't believe in war. Later on in the story Joey and Euven and the rest of the town try to talk with the British to go raid a different town and go back home but then Joey got scared and ran home. Not much later the British come to Joey's house and they claim it for their own use. The British soon build a hangin place in the gardenand Joey and his family are mad but they get over it and move on but Joey doesn't like what they did. Then Joey sneaks down stairs into the keeping room and see's what terrible things the British are doing, he see's them breaking cups and making evering dirty with their boots, but worst of all he saw them playing darts and his fathers head is the target. Joey almost screams but he just walks away. Joey's family is locked up in one tiny room and joey isn't because he is righting notes to all the families to the people who got hung and he is the only person who studies so they allow him in the keeping room. Later Joey finds out that his dad is in the Camden jail so his mom rights a letter to dad and she wants to go give it to dad but the British only allow men to go so Joey went to give the letter to his dad and he nearly missed him, Joey didn't recognize his dad he looked so old, so he did what had to do but his dad said he was leaving to go to Bermuda. Joey was sad that he didn't get to see his father for a long time. Soon Joey gets tired of the British and he sets his house on fire, He takes all the blame and is in chains for three days and he is working for the British. Joey's family goes away and Joey stays to work but when spring comes the British leave and Joey's family comes back and everything is great except the fact that Joey's dad is still in jail.

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