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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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one beautiful morning I and Otto start packing for our trip to go to our new house up in Nevada but im not to happy with being in a carriage for almost a month but anything to get were we want to go.
We have been traveling for almost 28 days now maybe just 2 more days to go ya that’s crazy! But if you already been there in a carriage for 28 days then 2 days is no problem. I am so exited I can’t wait to get there.
Yay! Were are finally here are house is so beautiful. So big and brown. I love it! Otto do you like it? YA said Otto what’s wrong? There’s a pack of wild dogs surrounding us said Otto. Otto there getting closer! What do we do said Otto. Maybe they want our left over diner lunch and breakfast. Ok ill give it to them and maybe they’ll leave said Otto (few seconds later)…… why are they still here I asked? We need to do something fast because there just getting closer. My boxes if I don’t open it know then things will only get worse. ……….there’s nothing here to help us not even hope. Hattie what are we going to do? Well they can’t stay here all night long. Wait! I have an idea said Otto
Find a stick Otto said ! Found one! Ok now through it and see if they go away said Otto (one minute later) yay there gone now we can finally. Get in our new beautiful house.
Our house is so pretty!! We just have to decorate it to make it ours!

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