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In the days of Ancient Greece, the people started seperated into seperated polis, or city-states. The five different city-states were Sparta, Athens, Argos, Corinth, and Megara. The Spartans were power-hungry soldiers whose solution to every problem was to fight. They were known for their professional fighters and they almost never lost. The Athenians followed Athena, the Goddess of Wisdom, for she ruled Athens, the capitol of Greece. They also were known for the arts, learning, and philosophy. They also hosted the first Olympics in 1896. Argos's Argons were involved in the arts.They made many beautiful stone and marble statues, the envy of many other Greek people. Arogs is famous for their musicians and poets. Drama was actively practiced there. The Corinthians were widely known for their cultrual and trade center. They were also a monarchy and were ruled by a king. The Corinthians made aqueducts to solve their problems with clean drinking water and created their own coinage to solve the problem of foreign money coming in. As a result, Corinthians were very good with money. Megarans had a trade port, which they used to gain wealth for their city-state. Megara exported wool and animal products. They were also amazing mathematicians and were highly intelligent scholars.

In the Anicent Greece unit in Humanities, we are all divided into seperate city-states. My group is Megara. We are really close to taking the lead for points. We have our own badges and logo. Tommy and I made up the badges together and designed our logo to look like it. I did the lettering and coloring, Michael did the outlining, and Tommy did some coloring too.

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