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Greece is an extraordinary c0untry chalk full of culture and history. One of the traditions I know of is their belief in their Gods. Greeks had many Gods and legends. They believed that anything that happened was a result of the Gods. If they pleased their Gods by making a sacrifice or other offering, they believed good things would happen. On the other hand though, if their work was not up to standards, bad things would happen. Greek mythology made the Greeks who they were and it made a place for them in history. I have the pleasure of studying them.

In humanities, I am doing a Greek simulation. My class is working together in five of the most powerful and historic poleis to gain points for our city-state.  These points are earned through fate and events. Whichever polis has the most points at the end of the simulation will reign victorious. Each polis has unique characteristics that may or may not be helpful in certain events. I am in Athens, a polis known for its intellectual skill and arts. The battle of the city-states is on and everyone will do anything to win.

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