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Greece has been known for many years for its culture and different legends and tales. Greece is located in the southeast end of Europe. The Greeks believe in polytheism. This means that they believe in many gods. The capital of Greece is Athens. The head of the Greek government is the prime minister. The national anthem of Greece is, "Ymnos eis tin Eleftherian" (Hymn to Liberty). Greece gained independence in 1829 (from the Ottoman Empire). A national holiday in Greece is, Independence  Day, 25 March (1821). There are thirteen administrative regions in Greece. The official language is  Greek  99%other English and French) 1%.

In humanities, I was assigned the city-state Corinth. Our group has designed a logo that includes, a big blue c, four stars to represent the four members of our group, and our names. We have been having a lot of luck in the fates. Aphrodite was impressed with the beauty of our women, this gave us forty points. We have also decided that we should wear white colored shirts referring to the peace in our land. The reason for this is that Corinth is not so much of a fighting city state, but more artistic. Corinth is known for it's pottery and fishing. I am very happy to get Corinth in this simulation for our group had decided that we all liked it. We were not so much interested in war tactics than we were in artistic ability.
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