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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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On one sunny warm day Otto and I were just arriving to our new home. But I was so bored because Otto kept on talking he would not stop bragging about that it would take a lot of time build a new house and I farm. But I just felt like leveling him there and going back home with my family.

But I was out of luck because right when we got off of the wagon one of the wagons wheel broke I was so mad because I was still stuck with Otto. The next day Otto got up early to start building our new home. At list he was doing something besides talking that was a good thing. The next day I was very tried because I could not sleep because Otto was still working with our new home.

The next day our new home was half way finish that night me and Otto began to small smoke we ran outside and all of our crops were Bern in that moment I thought of the box but Otto told me no we could do this on our own so I let him do what he wanted to do the next day I was very hungry me and Otto ate a sandwich but we were rationing our food so we would have enough food for each day. That afternoon Otto finally fished our new home we were so happy that we had now a new kitchen a new living room we were really to start our new life.
Day passed and there was a new member in our family our new baby child we were now oafishly a new family and soon there was a baby girl coming and we lived happily ever after
The End
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