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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Dear Diary,
Today I and Otto have arrived at Nebraska in our wagon. We will settle in as soon as Otto builds us a home. We can’t wait to meet the neighbors and plant our crops. Starting now it’s a new life. We will see what fate has for us!

The worst thing happened last night! A bear ate all of the food from the wagon. Now we do not have anything to eat! Otto try’s to calm me down but I was freaking out! I was so mad and sad at the same time. Then I remembered a box that my brother gave me and felt a little better because he said only to open the box if things got their worst. I did not know what to do but open the box.

The day after I still felt bad and sad about the bear taking all the food. I thought all was lost and we would starve. So I thought I could open the box Spencer my dear brother gave to me, it has given me hope the whole time and now I finally can open it! As I am slowly opening it I am thinking what it could possibly be, like a necklace, or a bracelet and maybe even a ring. So I removed the top and looked inside and there was nothing inside the box, at first I didn’t know what to think but then I thought that the box gave me hope and then I felt really good and the box was a life saver!

The next day I calmed down a little bit. Otto suggested that he would go find a river and go catch fish. Well he went looking for a river I decided to go and collect berries since our crops had not grown yet. That night Otto brought home some fish and I brought home some berries and it was a great meal!

In the end it all turned out fine, when are crops grow we will be better out then we are now! Even though that the box my brother gave me was empty me and Otto are just fine how everything turned out.
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