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by KH teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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I was only three and this was probably a living nightmare. I was in the living room and all of a sudden I tripped and my mouth landed on the edge of the table .As soon as my dad saw it he rushed me to the hospital. I was crying my head out the whole car ride and finally we reached there my dad rushed me to the emergency room and guess what happened? They put Stitches it hurt so much when the doctors were putting a needle in and out 6 times!!!! So of course my favorite part of the day was when the doctors told my dad that they were done and I got to get whatever I want J So I was only three and I didn’t really pick my present wisely I got a toy soldier. So as soon I got home my mom ran to me and squeezed me so hard that I probably had to go to the hospital again, she asked me if I was okay and of course I said yes but the stitches kind of hurt so I sat down and rested from that long adventure and hope that this will never ever happen again.

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I am 10 years old, I am in grade 5B, my favorite sports are soccer, dodgeball and basketball. My favorite food is sushi.

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