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by JM teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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Geese!” “Sit, stay, stand, do this do that!” It is all too much, acting like I am their little maid! Scolding me for having accidents on their 100$ carpet, it’s not my fault they forget to take me on my daily walk. Purchasing and making me wear all kinds of clothes and jewelry, as if I am their Barbie doll! Putting on leashes and making me follow them, they always bragging in front of their friends that I am the most obedient and trained pet ever. Humans are the lucky ones, if they are sick they drink medicine but us they to the vet to get shots shots! Only two full meals a day…A big guy like me needs more than two full meals a day. But the worst thing about my life is the fights, making me fight another one like me, having deeply disgusting cuts, the humans barley care…They just do it to brag that I am the strongest pet. If that is not enough I am awoken from my afternoon naps by yelling and fighting, “mom, where is my phone!” “Just because I got an F on my math test it does not mean I cannot go to the mall!” And then I get shoved of the couch. Sheesh I am known as a man’s best friend, I deserve more than my lousy life and to add more I protect and listen to the family and I get this life. Well at least at night I can sleep and have some peace and quit.
Yours truly,
Buddy the dog
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Hi I am Jenna and i am in 5th grade and I love sports and animals. I liketo read animal books and adventure books.

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