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by AM teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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We were going to Dair-al Qamar with 5C we were going to sleep there for one day we were all exited. We arrived we got our bags and drank a small cup of juice and a small cake.

It was time to put up our tent. I was sharing the tent with liana and lina. We were the first to put our tent up. Afterwards we unpacked and helped the others with the tents when we were helping the others, lina fell and twisted her ankle so she couldn’t do so many things. After that we went hiking for one hour (lucky lina she stayed with Miss Salam.) When we were coming back from the hike everybody was go so fast and there were so many thorns so, me and Razan stayed behind and we got lost. There was another group that was way behind, but we couldn’t wait they were too far we kept climbing and shouting for help “help, help somebody!!!What should we do Razan?” we kept screaming until Hisham heard us and helped us by that time we stayed sticking to the group.
When we had along rest we played a game that is we put ourselves in groups and who ever does the best small village wins. When they picked the winners we were in second place but still we were happy. After that we stayed one hour in our tents and we could not get out except if we want to go to the bathroom.

For dinner we had barbecue with garlic and homus after the barbecue, we did a fire and sat around it we started saying scary stories (but were not scary at all.) It was 10:00 and it was time to sleep liana lina and I slept the tents of the boys next to us kept on talking.
At 4:30 lina woke me and liana up and I could still hear talking in the boys tent. Lina and I went to Jana’s tent for ten minutes then to Sasha’s tent for five minutes then we went to our tent for five we minutes. At 10:00 we had breakfast the breakfast was manouch we drank with them hot chocolate I drank two cups of hot chocolate.
Later we played capcher the flag with 5C and our class won we put down the tent and packed our stuff and headed Bach to Beirut.
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My name is Aya. I am in 5th grade. i am 10 years old. i have one brother and two houses.

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