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teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)

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I love surprises a lot, and this was my favorite surprise when my mom came and said:” We are going to Antalya in Turkey to a hotel that is called Max Royal and it is one of the biggest hotels in Antalya and we are staying there for a week.” I was mesmerized and flipped out and said:” What day, what day, what daaay!” She said on July 7. We started packing the suitcase because tomorrow we are traveling, then I slept and I was thinking about Antalya and our hotel and I think we will have a big pool just for us! When I woke up, I saw my mom already dressed to go, and I said:” Where are you going and why are you in a hurry?” She said:” Go change fast because I forgot to tell you that we are going in the morning to the airport to get the tickets and the plain is leaving at 8:00 and the time is already 6:00 and it takes maybe an hour and a half or more!” I went to change fast got the suitcase and my brother, sister, and dad is already changing. We double checked the inside the suitcase if we forgot something because we are staying there for a week. We started leaving to the airport. When we arrived there, we went to get our tickets and went inside of the plain. When we arrived to Antalya, we went to the hotel and our room was two floors and booth floors were very big. We started unpacking the suitcase and wore our swimming suits and went to restaurant in Max Royal and we ate and everything was free because, we paid $200 in the lobby for everything. My mom said, "Every time at night there will be a very nice show and it will also be very funny.” We watched the show then we went back to our room, we took a shower and went to bed. We did the same thing for the past 5 days and the 6th day we went parasailing and Jet skiing. The last day, we went rafting. When we went on the boat we had to go under the water, the water was freezing. When we finished they showed me the picture that I was jumping in an alligator’s mouth, and they said that I was the captain because I jumped from the mountain to the freezing water and because I was the bravest one in my group. We went back to the hotel and packed our suitcases and went to eat. When we finished eating, we went to the airport and traveled back to Beirut. It was the best summer I had; I will never forget my experience!
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i went there once, it was amazing!
Posted January 24, 2012 at 07:04 AM by • dilana 9
Posted January 24, 2012 at 07:04 AM by • dilana 9
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