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          Greece has a very unique culture. For example, the Greeks believed in mythology. This mythology included heroes, gods, and foul beasts. The people of Greece based Greek Mythology on stars. The stars were formed as characters in Greek mythology. Therefore, the Greeks were very advanced in astronomy and mathematics. Also, the Greeks were advanced in architecture. The buildings and temples they made were really beautiful.  Greece was divided up between five major regions or territories. There was Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens, and Argos. These territories were both allies and enemies.


         In our Humanities class we are beginning an Ancient Greek simulation. During this simulation each group has to choose a territory (Sparta, Corinth, Megara, Athens, and Argos.) Once you have your territories, you must complete task, and roll the dice of fate. The task includes completing your work, building temples, memorizing the alphabet, and many others. At the end of a class, you must roll the dice to see if the gods think you are worthy. After doing all this, each team tallies up there points and all the teams complete to be “The Best.”   

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