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In humanities we are learning about Ancient Greece. These are some of the facts I have learned. Athens, Sparta, Megara, Argos, and Corinth are city states. City-States are independent state made up of a city and its surrounding territory. Athens and Sparta were the most powerful and well known of all the city states. They were sworn enemies. Athens and Sparta began a war over a city state not choosing one of their sides. At one point, Sparta and Athens worked together to defeat a common enemy. This was pretty amazing since they were sworn enemies. The people of each city-state were very different. Athenians were mathematical. They used their brains more than their strength. They considered themselves better than other city-states because of that. Sparta was known for its strength. The people of Argos were well-rounded. It had qualities that were similar to all of the city-states combined.
Currently in class we are engaged in several team activities. On Tuesday we were assigned our city-states. My city-state is Sparta. That day we had to come up with a chant, hand shake, and symbol that represented our team Sparta. Our chant was: We lie, we cheat, we break the rules, that’s why Sparta rules. Today we designed our symbol. Our symbol is a circle with a Greek helmet inside. It has the name Sparta written on the helmet and the letter sigma in upper and lower case. In addition we learned the Greek alphabet. I am enjoying this unit so far, and I can’t wait to get more into it.
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