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      All I really know about Greece is about my city-state, Argos! Well, the Argives are enemies with Spartans and Athenians. IF the Argives can't win in an event against our enemies, we cheer on the Corinthians. But that probably won't happen! We will win in all we do!!! Argos's mascot is the hydra. A hydra is a snake with a lot of heads. A hydra is our mascot because Hercules killed a hydra near where the Argives lived. What I know about Greece in general is that they worshipped gods and goddesses. There were also five city-states.

      In humanities, we are doing a "Greek Simulation". All the people in the class are separated into the city-states of Greece. The city-states are Argos, Corinth, Megara, Athens, and Sparta. In my opinion, Argos is the best! HAHA. Right now, we are memorizing the Greek alphabet by putting the alphabet into a tune, and make a "song". Our group chose "Mary Had a Little Lamb". It works very well, except for the ending. That's what we are doing so far. I really enjoy doing this "Greek Simulation".


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