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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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One beautiful morning Otto and me went to Nebraska after our beautiful wedding we said bye to everyone cried but before we left my brother Spencer gave me a wooden box. He said just use it for hard time’s or even worse time’s.

We arrived in Nebraska but we forgot where to go in Nebraska. So we kept on thinking and thinking and we get anything. So I was thinking of opening the box but I don’t know yet.

So we couldn’t think so I’m going to open the box . . . . . wait a minute there’s nothing in here. Maybe if I think it will work. I worked I remembered! I told Otto where we are and he got exited and told the driver.

We got home and put everything in the house before we lay down and rest cause it was a long ride. A few years later Otto died and I this time again I’m opening the box because this is a hard time.

When I went down to the nursing home in Washington, DC for my brother Spencer. It looked like he was nervous to see me. I sat next to him and he asked me about the box and he said are you mad when I lied to you. I said no it really helped me with my hard times.
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