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This blog is for Miss Jovanovich's algebra and geometry classes to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on what skills and topics we are studying. If we are lucky, we might even get a chance to connect with other students studying the same stuff.


teacher: Tina Jovanovich

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Hi there!

So today, I'm going to solve an equation that I think is hard for me to solve and that may be similar to the ones that might be on the quiz on Friday.

The equation that I am going to solve is:

(3/7)y + 5 = 25

First off I am going to clear the 5 with coding and uncoding. So when I do to one side of the equation I have to do to the other side, which would be the 25. I subtract 5 from 25 which equals 20. Now my equation will look like this


Now, We are still trying to get the variable alone. To do that we now have to multiply all terms by the denominator of the fraction. So when we do that we clear the 7 of the fraction out, but the 3 is still there and then 20 times 7 equals 140. Now our equation looks like this:

3x = 140

Lastly, to finish solving the equation we have to divide all the numbers by 3. So 3 divided by 3 cancels itself out, so were left with x. If you divide 140 by 3 you get a decimal. So our equation looks like this.

x= (140/3)

We cannot reduce this anymore. So this is the solution!!

I hoped this helped any of you that wanted an explanation on solving equations. Hopefully this equation will help me on my test. Wish me luck!

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