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Ms. Kahle
World History 4
4 November 2011
The Eiffel Tower
Have you ever visited the Eiffel Tower? Do you think it’s important to Paris, France? It is known to be one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The Eiffel tower was known as the tallest structures ever built for 40 years till the Chrysler Building was built. This landmark was also man made. The Eiffel Tower is very famous for its height and structure.
The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris France. France is located in Europe. The Eiffel Tower was designed by Gustav Eiffel. His plan was to build it in the city of Barcelona. But the tower was way tooexpensive for the city. The city of Barcelona also thought the tower did not fit the style of the city. The size of the Eiffel Tower is approximately 81 stories high; 1,063 feet high, including a 79 foot antenna additionally added years later. They started building the Eiffel Tower in 1887. They finally finished in the year of 1889. The cost of this construction was £260,000. It was a 3 year construction, and took around 300 men to construct it. One man died in the building of the tower.
The Eiffel Tower was created to celebrate the French Revolution. It was also the entrance arch for the World’s Fair. After building the tower it was known as an “eyesore”. In present time the Eiffel Tower is known as a tourist attraction. It is used for communications. The two platforms included in the Eiffel Tower are restaurants. Where you can eat and watch over the city of Paris.
The Eiffel Tower is very important to the city of Paris. Radio and television stations use it to broadcast their signals from the top. The Eiffel Tower is included in media. If the Eiffel Tower was never built Paris would never have been able to broadcast with it. The tourism of the Eiffel Tower brought a lot of money covering the cost of the construction and making Gustav Eiffel Rich. The city now owns the Tower. It is also currently used as a landmark for visitors.
The towers height is what makes this landmark very interesting. Its age of over 100 also brings interest. Out of the approximate 300 construction workers only one died. People visit this because it’s a piece of art. It’s also a very old man made structure. This structure has a lot of history behind its time line. It has lost its record of being the tallest tower in the world, and as the tallest structure in France. It is a symbol of the beauty of Paris. It is also a very beautiful scene at night.
In my opinion this structure is a very beautiful sight to see. I believe its history is also very interesting and important. If the structure was not made Paris would be very different. If you think about it, how different would everyone’s history class be? How would Paris of been like without the tower? What would its location have instead? It represents its people as the beauty of their city. It also stands as a very big structure in the history of Paris, France.
In conclusion the tower is important to Paris making it a very well-known tourist attraction that brings money. It’s important to the people of Paris because it’s useful. It brings tourists from everywhere around the world. The Eiffel tower symbolizes the beauty of Paris.

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