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English Language Learners (ELL)-

Room 40

Will be working with kids who need some assistance with their literacy. 2014 sees me working with children who have another language as their first language and some who have parents who speak another language. Working with the school council and radio station, 107.5 FM. 2015, I will work with the ESOL students, 3 ORS funded students as their specialist teacher, dyslexic students and behaviour challenged students. 2016 - Working with ELL (English Language Learners), dyslexic thinkers with their literacy, ORs (2 autistic students) and one other student.

by Wendy Watson
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Been working with small groups and individuals this term - mainly in the classroom.
Some have been beavering away on their class tasks and I`ve been around to go with the teachable moments for improving literacy skills.
Limited I.T. development with the kids, so itching to get back to it asap.
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