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I chose to do Mrs. G’s blog. The favorite book that I’ve read this year is called Inheritance. I detest the character called Nasuada. I dislike her because she will follow orders even if it means death. I would change how she does follow orders, so she would be more willing to save comrades than follow her mission rules. I don’t think any of the characters represent real people. No, nothing about a particular character seems to relate to the authors true personality. Here is the writing prompt I chose to write about. “Think about the books you have read this year. Which one is your favorite? Is there a character you hate/detest/despise? Why? What traits could you change about the characters that would change how you think about them? Do you think that any of the characters represent real people? Does anything about a particular character seem to be related to the author's true personality--who the writer is? Respond to this blog by posting a blog of your own. A good response before 12/8/11 is worth 10 points. Be sure to proofread before posting.”

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