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Every year at Christmas my family has traditions. We do the usual of getting and giving presents to our family and friends. Operation Christmas child is a tradition we do, every time that Christmas rolls around we go out and buy presents for children in other countries who can not afford them and then we send them off in shoe boxes. One of my favorites is watching all the classic Christmas movies. During the time of preparing for this special holiday, we get to draw names for stockings and everyone gets a different person each year, it’s sort of like Secret Santa. Then, we shop for their stocking. On the night of Christmas we have little snacks for dinner that each of us make. Christmas Eve we open one present, and each year they just happen to be new pajamas. On Christmas morning we have fresh, hot, homemade cinnamon rolls that melt in your mouth. Next, we open presents. Finally, for dinner, our close family friends come to our house and we eat spiral ham. In all, this is one of my favorite holidays, and it’s the traditions that make it so special.
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