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Ben Franklin
Do you know some of Ben Franklin’s big Idea’s? If you don’t then, I am going to tell you a few?I think you are really going to enjoy the essay! Did you know that Ben Franklin publish an almanac in 1733? He called it the Poor Richard’s Almanac. It included when the sun comes up, when the moon was full, when it was good to plant, also when the holidays. It's a very useful resource.
Ben Franklin wanted to prove that lighting and electricity were the same thing. He got an iron rod and knocked himself unconscious. He invented the lightning rod, he put them in houses so lightning will attract the rod instead of the barn. So he proved it. Mr. Franklin went to France in 1776 to talk to the French into fighting on our side against England in the war because France and England were not friends at all. So the revolutionary war happened, and we won. Benjamin Franklin died in April 17,1790. Even though he died he will always be remember forever.

The End!!!
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