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One warm morning Hattie and I traveled to Nebraska. It was SO boring and SO long. It took us 4 months. The horses needed to poop a lot. It was a bumpy ride. It also rained a lot.
A shocking, more than shocking event happened. As we got to our land, a wheel FELL OFF! We were so scared. Hattie was crying and crying. Also one of the horses threw up! Even Hattie threw up!
Hattie thought Hope was in that box that her brother Spencer gave her. When she opened it, IT WAS EMPTY! She said “Oh why would my only brother give me an empty box for a wedding present.” I helped her get better. After a bit, she got some hope.
Luckily my dad taught me how to make mud bricks. She was so happy. I built some mud bricks to hold up our wagon up. We were so happy. Now that’s the story of Hattie’s Birthday Box.
I knew that Hattie and I would make it. It was a difficult time. We barely made it. Well thank you for listening! Come back next time.
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Hi my name is Adrian. I am 10 years old.

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