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I got inspired by this http://classblogmeister.com/blog.php?user_id=223544&blogger_id=292178


 The missile screamed through the air whizzing past the crouching Sgt. Sheppard. He knew that he needs to get to the launch pad and disable it quick before they launch more V2 rockets. He signaled Pvt. Emerson to clear the guard post. Three shots rang out but were drowned out by the sudden roar of thunder. The down pore began and the Sergeant sighed. The squad moved forward and saw no imminent danger so lessened their tension.  Suddenly the machine gun opened fire and everyone hit the ground. The gun quickly silenced with the thud of a rifle shot. The squad, ever alert, crept forward in a crouching stance. A shot was fired and Emerson was picked off. Then another guy was. The sergeant fired almost immediately at the third muzzle flash. The shot chipped part of the sergeant’s helmet. As the squad sprinted towards the row of bunkers they saw the sniper in a tree but his gun was on the ground with a bullet hole in the scope. The launch pad slowly came in sight. It rose from the thick fog revealing multiple Nazis refueling it. In panic, they froze. They were picked off. Suddenly the machine gun opened fire again. Then, mp40s and mp44 lit up. Nazi rifles rang out. The pandemonium was not directed at them but another target. Suddenly a panzer blew the guard post away. Then a bunker blew up. Taking advantage of this window of opportunity, the sergeant raced to the launch pad and placed the explosive. The timer, set for thirty seconds, ticked. The squad ran for cover. The explosive tore apart the pad and lit the rocket up. It flew and blew up the bunker with the fuel tanks. The area was a fiery mess. The squad thanked the resistance people in the tank. They stole a couple of jeeps and sped into the distance.           

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