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It’s 1946 in London, England…

Mr. Henry was taking his evening stroll around six o’ clock. All of the sudden something had him by his neck. He tried calling for help, but all that came out were screeches. He couldn’t breathe! He made gurgling noises. Slowly his vision became black as he died. Just before he died, he saw a woman just starring at him, smiling.

“So tell me again how you found Mr. Henry,” said Captain Trip, the head of the police department.
“Well, I heard high pitched screams, so I went to see who was screaming. When I got to the scene, I saw Mr. Henry dead on the ground, but one of his shoes was missing. I also saw a man running away.” said Mrs. Clood.
Captain Trip asked, “What did he look like?”
“Well, he was about five and a half feet tall with blond hair. He had a tan jacket and brown pants. His shoes were black. I presume he was wearing a mask over his eyes to disguise himself.” said Mrs. Clood.
“We have heard of this man. He has killed many people. He might be choking his victims, so we call him the Choking Bandit. By the time we get to the murder scenes, the choking marks have faded. Only one detective can solve this case and that’s Edward Holmes, grandson of Sherlock Holmes!”
“Here we are, 22B Baker Street,” said Captain Trip. “I’ll go and see if he is available.”
Right before Captain Trip knocked on the door, it opened. Out came Edward Holmes. Edward had black hair with blue eyes. He was about six feet tall and was smoking his pipe, as usual.
“Ah, Trip, what can I do for you?” said Edward Holmes.
“Well, sir, Mrs. Clood has a story for you about a murder.” replied Captain Trip.
“Actually, I don’t have time for that now. Sorry, I have a meeting to get to.” said Holmes. “I’ll meet her at two o’clock tomorrow.”
“Yes, sir,” replied Captain Trip.

Trip arrived at the murder site to see Edward looking impatient.
“You are late.” He said.
“Sorry, there was a lot of traffic,” said Trip.
“It’s ten o’clock. You’re an hour late,” said Holmes. “Well, you see these marks on the ground?”
“Yes, sir,” replied Trip.
“It indicates that the bandit had a cane,” said Edward. “He hid it from Mrs. Clood’s view, so it would be harder to find him, or Mrs. Clood saw it, but didn’t report it. Let’s go and get something to eat and head to Mrs. Clood’s house.”
Edward and Trip were walking along the sidewalk. Neither of them were talking.
Then Edward said, “What did the missing shoe look like from Mr. Henry’s foot?”
Trip said, “It was brown and made of leather and was about the size of my shoe.”
“I think I found it,” said Holmes, and right behind the glass window of a shoe shop was the missing shoe.
Holmes and Trip went inside the shop, but nobody was there. They started to head out of the shop. Right before they went out, the shoemaker attacked them. Trip easily pinned him down.
The shoemaker yelled, “Please let me go!”
“Then tell us how you got that shoe over there.” said Trip.
“A Mrs. Clood came and paid me to make duplicates of it.”
Holmes and Trip rushed out of the shop to Mrs. Clood’s house.

When they got there, they found Mrs. Clood’s body on her kitchen floor.
Holmes said, “Interesting. The Choking Bandit make people do his dirty work and then kill them when they least expected it. Trip?”
Holmes heard a thud and a scream, and heard Trip shout “Got you!”
Holmes found Trip with the Choking Bandit in handcuffs.
“Let me go or I’ll kill you!” the bandit shouted angrily.
“Let’s see who’s behind the mask,” said Edward, taking off the bandit’s mask.
“Charles?” said Trip. “I thought you died years ago, and why are you the bandit?”
“I faked my death, brother. That’s right. Who would think to look for a dead man? Isn’t that clever? ” said Charles.
“You were a good man,” said Trip, “I’ll take him to court tomorrow, Edward. For now, Charles will stay in jail cell with no food, but he will get water.”

Holmes arrived at the court house.
Trip said, “He has been sent off to bet hung for his hideous crimes. This time we’ll see him dead and buried with our own eyes.”
Holmes said, “I conclude that Charles wanted Mrs. Clood to get duplicates of the shoe to fool us, so that we couldn’t find him. He didn’t want Mrs. Clood to tell anybody about him, so he killed Mrs. Clood, but you caught him when he was leaving. I think Charles just wanted revenge because he was bullied a lot in school. Is that right because you are his brother?”
“Yes, it is true,” said Trip, “I thought he died in a carriage accident.”
Just then, a police officer rushed in.
“Mr. Holmes. Someone just robbed the Royal Bank of England and he murdered two security guards. The robber took two-hundred bars of gold.” said the officer.
“Come on Trip, let’s go investigate,” Said Holmes.
Edward Holmes and Captain Trip left the court room to solve yet another mystery.
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