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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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The Mostly True Adventures of Homer P. Figg is a great story. This blog will be about a certain part of it. I hope you like it. Sit back and enjoy reading this awesome blog. Hopefully it will be awesome.
The certain part of the story is Homer leaves the comfort and safety of Jebediah Brewster’s home. He does this because he loves Harold. He loves Harold because he is his brother. He is going to save him! He is very determined to do this and that is why he does it.
Harold got sold to the army in the first place because their uncle Squint was pretty mean and sold him for a bottle of whisky at an underage. Homer does not like this so when he goes to the army he spots Jebediah Brewster’s home along the way. From there he goes to some other places and reaches the army eventually. He goes to a hot air balloon, a circus, and many more places. He does this to get Harold back because he is very upset about him being sold under aged for a bottle of whisky. He is very mad.
He gets to the army in a lot of crazy ways. One of them is to cut the anchor on the hot air balloon so he can fly to the army. He succeeds. The balloon sails all the way to the army! He goes through all this trouble just to bring Harold back home. Homer must really love him.
Well, that’s all folks! I hope you liked it and enjoyed the blog! If you haven’t, you should read the book. Thank you for reading. Wait. Wasn’t this awesome? The blog? Yup! I hope you did!
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