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Period 1/2 2011

Welcome to Mr. Ullrich's Blog! This blog is for 8th Grade Earth Science and Physical Science students. We will learn topics such as Astronomy, Geology and Meteorology. This blog will give us a place to discuss, learn and develop these topics during the year. If you are not from our class please post lots of comments!

by Annabel L

teacher: Mr. Ullrich

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Uranus is definitely worth exploring! There are so many interesting facts about Uranus, and not everyone knows them all so it is VITAL that we research.

Uranus is the seventh planet from the Sun in our solar system. The planet has twenty-seven revolving satellites and eleven rings around it. Seventeen hours is the amount of time for one rotation of its axis. It is four times larger in diameter compared to Earth. Its radius is the third largest and its mass is the fourth largest among the eight planets in our solar system. Hydrogen, helium, and methane make up Uranus's atmosphere. -353 degrees Farenheit or -214 degrees Celcius is its uniform temperature. For one revolution aroud the sun, it takes 30,685 days, or 84 Earth years.

The mean distance from the Sun is 1,783.98 million miles or 2,870 kilometers, making it twice as far from the Sun as Saturn, its neighboring planet. The distance from the Earth is 1,607,000,000 miles at the closest point.

This planet was named after the ancient Roman god of the sky, Uranus (Greek name-Ouranos), who was the father of Saturn (Greek name-Kronos) and grandfather of Jupiter (Greek name-Zeus), Neptune (Greek name-Poseidon), and Pluto (Greek name-Hades).

Sir William Herschel discovered Uranus on March 13, 1781. Uranus is the first planet to be discovered with a telescope. Herschel was observing the constellation Gemini when he realized that it was large and pale blue. When he started to take notes of the object's movements, and then concluded that he had found a new planet to the solar system. King George III rewarded Herschel and therefore, the planet, before having its name changed to Uranus, was called George's Star.






 To learn more, visit:  solarsystem.nasa.gov/planets/profile.cfm

 by Annabel  ~



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