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by KH teacher: Mrs. B (Grade 5 - 2011-2012)
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I couldn’t believe it we were actually going to a science lab; everybody was excited, because we were going to see our cells and plant cells.
We saw the plant cells by cutting a piece of onion, putting a drop of blue ink and inserting it under a light microscope. If you want to see a human cell you get a cotton bud and rub it from the inside of your cheek and spread it on the slide and you also have to put it in a specific place under the microscope.
Most of my friends saw everything clearly except me. I thought I didn’t see it clearly because when I started to use the microscope there was about seven people behind me waiting to see their cells and they wouldn’t stop shouting “COME ON KARIM ARE YOU EVER GOING TO FINISH??!!”.So as quickly as possible I turned off the microscope and ran away from that chaos. I wrapped both of my cells together and walked away to my friends were kind in off for letting me see their cells and I could see it perfectly the nucleus, vacuole and Cell membrane!! They were really lucky. Almost all of them could see their cells. So then it was time to leave.
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I am 10 years old, I am in grade 5B, my favorite sports are soccer, dodgeball and basketball. My favorite food is sushi.

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