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EGGS The salmon life cycle starts with the female salmon digging out shallow reed and puts the eggs in there and then the male fertilizes them and then buries them with small pebbles.The young eggs need a clean cool supply of water.The young pee sized eggs have alot of threats such as people walking across them and animals. ALEVIN They hatch in the spring and are about one inch long and have a large yolk sack under there head that gives them nutrients. The alevin dont have near as many threats just bigger fish and other animals. Fry This is the next step in the salmon life cycle and are a little bit larger and dont rely on their yolk sacks anymore and now feed on zooplankton. Their threats now are bigger fish and animals.

Parr This is the next step from fry andstart to grow parr marks that camoflauge them in away from predators.They are about 5 inches long and feed off small bugs and worms.Parr do not have many threats because of the parr marks. Smolt This is the stage when they adapt to salt water.They start to eat shrimp and squid and will live in the sea for 1 to 8 years.Their threats now is a seal whales and other animals.Also the everyday threat, water

pollution. Adult Salmon They weigh 2 to 125 pounds in weight and vary from 14 inches to 5 feet in length. Their threats are seals and whale. They do not need to feed small stuff they feed on the small fish they used to be. They also slowly are adapting back to the fresh water.

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