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Three things that I hold dear to my heart and give thanks for are my family, my home, and my food selection. The thing I’m most grateful for is my family.one reason why I’m grateful for it is because they love me and I love them back. Two, my brother is not very nice to me but I know that deep down he cares for me and I care for him. Three, my family always will help me through tough times. The second thing I’m grateful for is my food selection. I know that in other countries that some people starve everyday so I’m lucky to get a meal every day. Two, I’m very picky and I’m happy I can be picky instead of eating something I hate every meal. An example is I don’t like cheese so I get a choice to put it on things I actually get to say no thank you. Three, I get to eat multiple things for dinner. For example if we have pork chops we usually get a veggie and mash potatoes or something like that. The final thing I’m grateful for is my house. I know some people don’t even have houses but I do and that’s why I’m thankful for the house. Two, I get my own bedroom in my house. I know I can be a pain sharing a bedroom with a sibling. Three, my house keeps me warm all winter and cool all summer. That’s why I love my house, my family, and my foods.
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