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Hello mai pies!

In this blog you will get information on the salmon life cycle!




This is a picture of salmon eggs.(I could not find any pictures of eggs in a nest,sorry.)So any way if these eggs were in thier natural habitat the nest they would be in would be called a redd.

A hiker,horse back riders,anything that can walk over a nest really.


This is a picture of salmon Alevin. They require cold, clear, oxygen rich water at this stage of life. They stay in the creek or river around their redd becuase they like calm water to collect their food. Would you like being thrown around when you tried to have dinner?


Excessive sediment in water is one of the greatest dangers to salmon at this stage. It can reduce oxygen levels in the water! (that means dead fishy-fishy XD) Salmon parr have vertical marks on their skin. They are known as parr when they are over a year old. They stay in the river or creek they are born in until they are old enough to leave. They stay in the creek or river and eat aquatic bugs and worms. They have the danger of being thrown around if they leave calm water.


(NOTE:the information you are about to read was found on http://cybersalmon.fws.gov/chum.htm. It is about Chum salmon. Not all salmon have the same smoltification process.)

Many changes occur when young salmon are smolt. They lose their parr marks and get a new pattern. They get a pattern that is light on the bottom and dark on the top. They have such a short freshwater period, the smoltification process is not as pronounced as other species of salmon. (It is not very flashy. I said that for the pies that don't know the other meaning of pronounced. -.-)


(NOTE:The information in this paragragh and the next one are from this website: http://cybersalmon.fws.gov/chum.htm.)

Most Alaskan Chum salmon stay in the ocean for 2-5 years. Their primary diet consits of copepods,fish,mollusks,squid and tunicates. They near spawning stage at 3-6 years old. The dangers of this stage is that fishrmen can catch you in their nets.


As you know now, the Chum salmon return to the place in the river or creek they were born in to spawn.
Female salmon make the redd and she mates with a male salmon. When she lays her eggs in the nest, she covers them in rocks and pebbles.
After the salmon mate and lay their eggs they die from malnutrition and weakness.
The salmon life cycle repeats for the eggs.


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