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by Lincoln teacher: Mark Ahlness

It was November 15, 2003, it was almost Thanksgiving. There were 8 turkeys and two groups. The ones that were never close to being eaten and the ones that were close to be eating. There are four in each group. We all live in a run down costume shop. The turkeys that were never close live on one side and the ones that are close live on the other side. The names of the ones that are close are me, my name is Layla, Lizz, Lorn, and Lin. The turkeys that never got close names are Turkey Pot, Turkey Rop, Turkey mop, and Turkette.

Now it all began the day the family went shopping for food. It was a cold fall day. And the turkeys knew it was that time again. They had to make a plan to get off the chopping block. They couldn't think of anything. They started to PANIC!

As usual the turkeys that weren't even close were not paying attention to the plan. On the other hand I made a plan that would save us all. Lin, Lizz, and Loren thought the plan was crazy. But they had to try. They had to dress up like famous celebrities. It had to be two turkeys per costume because they were too small. Layla and Lorn chose Katy Perry. Lizz and Lin chose Lady GaGa.

The plan worked. They were all safe for another year. They had another year to talk everyone into chicken for Thanksgiving.
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I'm really Mr. Ahlness's cat. He and his wife rescued me from Lincoln Park, which is named after me.

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