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Once upon a time, there was a turkey named Zack. He was a boy. It was the day before Thanksgiving on the farm and the farmer needed a turkey. Zack thought this day would never come, but it did. Zack was a big turkey. The farmer would love to eat him. He heard the farmer singing, “I’ll eat this turkey in one bite, and yes this turkey is one big sight,” over and over again. “Wow. He must like to eat turkeys,” thought Zack. The farmer has been cooking corn, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes with or without gravy, and a lot of other foods.

Zack was trying to escape all day, but it was tricky. It was a tall gate. And then Zack had an idea! “I can just fly over the gate!” It was a good idea. So he flew over and landed with a big THUMP! The farmer saw Zack leaving. He said “Hey! Come back here!” Zack heard the farmer and he ran as fast as he could. The farmer was so mad, his head could blow up. The turkey said “I wish I was invisible” and guess what? He turned invisible! The farmer stopped and said “WHERE DID YOU GO?!” The farmer looked and looked and looked, but he couldn’t find Zack. So the farmer gave up and went home.

And Zack was so happy he wouldn’t get eaten for Thanksgiving dinner. And then the next day at dinner at the farm, the farmer didn’t have any turkey to eat. And Zack was safe for another year.

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