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We are a 4th grade classroom at Naches Valley Intermediate in Washington State, USA. Our class likes to blog! Please comment on our blogs.


teacher: lblack

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I am grateful for my awesome freedom because I am glad I don't have to do slavery. I love freedom because I am free to go any school,restroom,restraunt,even drinking fountains!!! I am glad so I can be friends with blacks. I also don't have to die if i want to sleep a little later in the morning and not work all day and night doing slavery. I am free to go to any place for vacation,wear any types of clothing,or buy any house that I work for. One example is that when Martin Luther King Jr. I was very very happy about that=http://!!


Today and always, I am also grateful for my great frieds because the care for me. I also like my  great friends because the support me when I vote for something (like voting for freedom or new presedent) or if I got into a fight they would  say like maybe just leave them alone they're not very friendly. I like my friends because they are creative,they like what I like,then sometimes we will style their outfit or hair really silly but say it's really pretty!!! :D That would be funny. One example is that one time my friend Raini and I were having real fun with her pet kitten and when she runs off it's fun to try to catch her!!

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