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How to Make a Monster Friendship Ring

Written by JB

Do you want to know how to make a monsters Friendship ring? Grate let’s get started then.








·         Paints such as yellow, green, brown, red, and pink

·         You need a box that is 12in diameter and it has to have a hole in the middle of the box

·         Box cutter

·         Newspaper/paper towels


1.       You will need the box first.

2.       Get the box cutter to cut around the box. Let your parent cut the box with the box cutter.

3.       Get out brown and yellow paint and mix it together.

4.       Get newspaper or papertowels to put the box on top of it.

5.       When you’re done it and its done drying get out pink, green, and brown paint for the monsters.

6.       Get green paint first, that is for the body of the monsters. Get started to paint it.

7.       When the green paint is dry get the red paint out. The red paint is for the eyes. All you need to do is get your paint brush and dab 1 time to make the eyes.

8.       Get out the pink paint for the nose. This is what you need to make the nose. All you need to do is dab it one time.

9.       Get out the brown paint for the warts and the mouth. Get your brush out and dab it about 5 times for the warts. When making the mouth you will have to make a mean face. You are then finish, congratulations on making the monsters friendship ring!
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