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How to Make a Monster Toe

Written by GD

The monster toe is a great attraction to the feet. They catch your eye!!

·         Paint(purple, blue, yellow, green ,red, orange, pink and black)

·         Egg carton (white)

·         Yard stick

·         Toilet paper rolls(9)

·          Masking tape and scotch tap

·         Yellow construction paper

·         Black yarn and green yarn

·         Gold glitter

·         Glue (glue stick) 



1.       Open the egg carton and cut out 2 egg section

2.       Then tap(scotch tap)1 egg section on each end of 9 toilet paper rolls

3.       Take all paint( but black)and paint a bunch of different color medium size line on your 9 toilet paper rolls

4.       When waiting for toilet paper roll to dry cut out 18 egg section from a egg carton and take green, black and red paint, paint a black tiny dot in the center of 18 egg section then paint a green circle around the black dot then draw a few red wiggly lines so it looks blood shot on each one          

5.        When toilet paper roll is dry on each one pot 5 little glue dots then sprinkle gold glitter on glue dotes (and let glue dry)

6.       When the eyes are dry, tape or glue 2 eyeballs on each toe.

7.       Then glue green and black yarn on each toe.

8.       Now it’s time for someone else to attach the toe nail.


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