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There are many things that I’m thankful for but three things than come to my mind are that I am healthy, that my dad has a job and can support my family, and that our country has a great military that can keep us safe.

This past summer I got very sick and couldn’t do the sports and activities that I like to do. I am thankful now that I’m better and can go back the activities and sports that I like to do. This made me realize how frustrating it must be to have cancer or other illnesses that can keep you from doing what you want to do.

With so many people being out of work during this recession, I am thankful that my dad has a job. My dad works hard so that he can run a successful business. Since my dad owns a business he is not only responsible for providing for our family but also feels that he is responsible for his employees.

Another thing that I am grateful for is that we’re free due to our military. Day by day, month by month, our military risked their life’s to make our country free and safe. This is a big thing to be grateful for because while I’m sleeping and living my life, I know that my military will always keep me safe.

All together, theres a bunch to be grateful about. I am really lucky to be able to have food, water and shelter. Therefore, I must help out those in need by donating food. This will really help those in need.

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