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by Karly B teacher: Melanie Transue
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November Freewrite
Do you have a favorite artist? Do you love them to death? Would you be astound if you saw them? I tell you one thing I have a favorite artist and her name happends to be adele.
The name of my favorite artist would have to be Adele. She is just the best singer to me at this point in time. She went through a lot to have to write the song “Someone Like You.” The man that she was talking about in the song was her old boyfriend. He had cheated on her and just forgot all about her. He then started something with another woman. He just didn’t want her anymore.
That’s why I say Adele is the best singer to me. She’s just so amazing the way her voice crosses my ears, and the soulful meaning of every word that comes out of her mouth. She writes her own songs. Has her own pianist. When ever I hear a new song from her it just gives me goose bumps. my eyes start watering up when ever she hits parts I couldnt ever hit.
If I ever got a chance to meet her Id be so star struck my head would probably spin. I would just tell her how amazing she is. And how much I love all of her songs.
As you could see adele happends to be one of my favorite singers in the whole world.
P.S My favorite songs by Adele would have to be the following.
"Someone Like You"
"Chasing Pavements"
"Set the Fire To the Rain"
"Rollin In the Deep"
"Rumor Has It"
"Crazy For You"
"Make You Feel My Love"

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