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How to Make a Monster Ipod

written By HC

A monster ipod is bigger than your ipod by far so I’m going to tell you how to make one.

What you need

·         A ceral box

·         4 Or more peces of construcdion paper (any color you want )

·         Glitter

·         White paper

·         Crayons

·         Tape

·         Red paint

·         Glue

·         Paint brush

·         Tray (mini )

·         White paper


1.       Wrap the construction paper around the ceral box and tape it.

2.       Twist the white paper and tape it.

3.       Put glue around it and quickly put the glitter on.

4.       After the glue dries get your tray. Put the paint in your tray dip your brush in the tray and paint right next to the glitter.

5.       Do that last step over again.

6.       Then get your crayons and draw an apple that has a bite taken out of it.

7.       On the other side of the ceral box draw your favorite monster apps (Angry Monsters, Plants vs. Zombies, Monster 12, Grave Yard Derby or NHL Zombies)

8.       Hooray! Now you can play on your monster ipod.

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