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How to Make Monster Toes

Written by EK

Monster toes are always a good Halloween prank. It is tricky to make but I will show you how to make monster toes.


·         4 egg carton holders

·         red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, and pink paint                   

·         black paint


·         tape[masking is the best]

·         empty paper towel roll


·         gold glitter

·         glue stick

·         yarn [black/green]


1.       Get paper towel roll and paint it multi-colored.

2.       After you paint it then paint 2 more egg carton holders the top and bottom colors and tape them on the paper towel roll.

3.       Next, get 2 more egg carton holders and make them look like eyeballs [make sure you tape them on].

4.       Glue on the green and black yarn on to the paper towel roll

5.       Make dots with your glue stick. Put a pinch of gold glitter on each dot.

6.       Try out your prank on somebody and scare them





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