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How To Make A Monster Body

By: HM

You will see the monster will be easy but when you start it seems hard.

(Materials you need)

·         A big box

·         Paint-neon-green

·         Newspaper

·         Masking tape

·         Marker

·         Big paper sheet

·         Purple plastic sheet


1.       Get a big box and use your marker. (Too see if it is too small or too big because it has to be a certain size).

2.       Crumble up the newspaper. (It has to be round if you have a cube box).

3.       Get your crumbled newspaper and start using the masking tape. (To tape the crumbled newspaper on the box to make it round).

4.       After your done taping your crumbled newspaper, put the white sheet on. (So it could be easier to paint on to make it neon-green).

5.       Get your neon-green paint and start painting half of your body.

6.       When you are all done that, get the purple plastic paper and wrap the other part of the body. (because it has to also be purple).

7.       Let the body dry. ( before you put the body parts together).

8.       You’ve got a body.








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I’m a third grader and Ms. Halbert is awesome. My favorite sports are soccer and basketball because they are really fun sports to play. My favorite place is Avalon, New Jersey. There is a shop called Avalon Freeze and that shop has awesome ice cream. I love Asian noodles and not a lot of people eat them. My favorite game is pay day. It is a money game but you use fake money. My favorite book is monster High: The Goulgh Next door and that is all about my blog!!

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