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How to Make Monster Horns

Written by: MI

Have you ever wanted to make monster horns? Well this book tells you how. Come on let’s get started.

·         Cardboard

·         Green yarn

·         Glitter

·         Blue balloon

·         Box cutter

·         Blue/Black markers

·         Egg carton

·         pencil

·         glue


1.       First get the cardboard. Then make horns with each side 15”.(don’t forget to draw lines)

2.       Then get a adult to cut it out with a box cutter

3.       Now get your cardboard and put your first horn on top. Get your pencil and trace it.


4.       Have a adult cut that out.


5.       Get   blue markers and color both horns blue.


6.       Now your ready to decorate. Put just a little glue on the horns and then glitter.


7.       Wait for it to dry then put more glue on. The put green yarn on.


8.       Now time for the eyeballs! Cut a egg carton ball and draw a black dot on it. Now glue the eyeballs on the horns.


9.       Take some of the extra cardboard and draw a mustaches on it. Then color them black, cut them out and glue them to the horns


10.   Ok now attach the horns  to the monsters head.


11.   Now get blue balloon and put it right behind one of the horns.


12.   Have fun with your new horns.


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