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Welcome to my class blog. Students are exploring different foreign languages as well as specific historical time periods within Western Civilization.


teacher: Julia Osteen

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November 14, 2011     

A couple years ago, our school stopped using books. We switched over to a more modern way of learning, laptops. We still have a couple of books, but only for Language Arts. And we have digital copies of them. This morning we had a junior high assembly. Our Dean of academics, Mrs. Richey, told us that there was an important announcement and then she said we were going to play a game. She called up a kid named Parker and showed him his computer. (We all have personal Macbooks), then she showed him a brand new Macbook Air! She told everyone all of the cool new features on the MacBook Air. But best of all, no KernalPanic! (A spam that comes randomly and deletes what you were working on, it also spreads like a virus, if someone in the same room as you gets it you probably will too) Then she asked Parker, “Would you rather have your old school computer, or this lighter, faster, better MacBook Air?”. Obviously he said he would much rather have the MacBook air. Everyone was really confused of why she was showing him that new computer. Then she said, “Would you rather the whole school have the old ones or the brand new laptops?” The whole school got really excited and Mrs. Richey told us that in 3 days our old laptops would be taken up  and the Monday after Thanksgiving Break, we would all get the brand new ones! We were so excited. For 5th Period I had Mrs. Richey as my Humanities teacher and she knew all of the information that no one else knew about when exactly we would get them and that all homework due on Friday or Monday would be canceled because we wouldn’t have computers!


November 15, 2011

       So since everyone has been talking about the airs all of the time, I learned a lot about them! They are less than half the weight of our current MacBooks! Only 2 days left until we hand in our old computers, but we still have to wait about a week until we get back from Thanksgiving break and get Macbook Airs. We need to get to get had shell cases for them, and the one I’m getting is hot pink. I’m so excited!

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